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Alaska Photographic Tours the envy of National Geographic

Enclosed are sample photos taken on our Alaska Inside Passage Cruise Tours. All the enclosed photos have been taken on board during one of our Alaska Tours. During our Inside Passage Cruise Tours we will have the opportunity to see and photograph many animals in their natural habitats. Over the years we have catered to both professional and amateur photographers', I have always tried to encourage our passengers not to view the world around them through a view finder. We are often given the opportunity to take photographs the envy of National Geographic.

Unlike the brochures I see from the Alaska Cruise ship industry these are actual animals you can expect to see while traveling with us on an Alaska Inside Passage Cruise. Our goal is to show you Alaska up close and personal.

On our Alaska cruise tours our days are spent Watching Whales, Steller Seal Lions, Dall's Porpoise, Eagles, Seals, Bears and just soaking in the beautiful scenery and snow capped mountains of the inside passage of Southeast, Alaska. We'll explore the glacial fjords and the Temperate Rain Forests of the Tongass National Forest and we'll walk salmon spawning streams to see the magnificent bears of Alaska.

If you click on any of the pictures below you can enlarge and view them. Please let us know if you have any difficulty opening these pictures. You can E mail me below. Thank You.

guided Alaska tours

Whale watching. ( Who's watching Who! ) A friendly Humpback whale we've encountered for many years who was coming up to say hello. On our Alaska Tours we'll see Humpback whales up close and personal.

Alaska photo tours

One of our friendly Humpback Whales swims alongside to say hi! On our Alaska vacation cruises we are on the Humpback whales feeding grounds and they are almost daily encounters.

wildlife photo tours

During our Alaska cruise Vacation we'll visit a Steller Sea Lion Rookery

alaska photo tour

There is nothing quite as pretty as a beautiful Alaska Sunset. During our cruises we'll encounter many beautiful sights.

Alaska Tours & Photographic Tours

"White Ears a bear from Pack Creek with a salmon. We offer guided trips to Anan and Admiralty Island on our Alaska Cruise Tours.

Guided Bears to Anan and Pack Creek

The Remnants of my dear friends home Stan Price at Pack Creek Bear Observatory now the Stan Price Wildlife Sanctuary.

Alaska Cruise

We catch fish too! The Big King salmon is 67 lbs. We offer fishing as part of our Alaska Cruises as well.

Alaska Guided photgraphic tours

Dinner is served!! Fresh Crab is always a delight. Crab is always a special teat on our Alaska Cruise vacation.

Alaska Photography Tours

Cooperative Feeding Humpbacks are always a fantastic encounter. Something you will not see from an Alaska Cruise ship.

Alaska Vacation Cruise

Brown Bear and Cubs at Anan Creek trying to catch a fish for her cubs. Guided bear viewing tours of Anan and on Admiralty Island always provide an opportunity to see bears in their natural habitats.

Tours of Alaska

Kayaking in a secluded harbor is something all our guests enjoy as part of our Alaska inside passage cruise tour.

Alaska Cruise Tours

The Seals find protection from Orcas on the Ice in Tracy Arm also a stop on our Alaska Inside passage cruises.


A beautiful waterfall in the Temperate Rain Forest on one our Alaska shore excursions in the Tongass National Forest

Alaska photo and travel tours

Lunge Feeding Humpback whales feeding on herring

guided Alaska tours

Going into one of our beautiful secluded anchorages only available on a small ship cruise in Alaska. You won't see a cruise ship here.

photo trips aboard Discovery

Another secluded anchorage we try avoid other boats whenever possible.

Alaska guided Tours

A Nice mist of Fog on the water

Photo Tours in Alaska

Another beautiful secluded anchorage

Alaska Cruise tours

Sawyer Glacier at the head of Tracy Arm

Alaska photo tours

This Big Bull Steller Sea Lion sits on his roost and protects his Harem

Akaska photograhic Tours

Steller Seal Lions are so graceful in the water but so cumbersome on land seen on all our Alaska Cruise Tours

Photography tours

The small ship Discovery at anchor in a secluded harbor

Alaska photo tours

Eagles with Cold Feet sitting on an iceberg in Tracy Arm

Alaska photography tours

Ice Bergs Ahead. You'll see tens of thousands of ice bergs in Tracy and Endicott Arms

Alaska Tours

Humpbacks Cooperatively Feeding on Herring

Discovery tours

Brown Bear Sow and Cubs taking a leisurely stroll

I have to Thank Susi Zimmerman our fantastic crew member for many of these photos. These pictures really could have been taken on almost any one of our Alaska Inside passage Cruises. Whether your are an avid photographer or novice ( like me ) we're presented with the opportunity to see and photograph some of the world's great creatures, on these Alaska Photography Tours. If we can provide any additional information about our Alaska Photo Tours please contact us:

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