Alaska Fishing Charter Trips aboard the Classic Yacht Discovery

Southeast Alaska is one of the last great bastions of Salmon, Steelhead and Halibut fishing in the world today.

During the summer months rivers team with spawning salmon so thick you could walk across their backs. During the spring the Steelhead returns to a number of streams in Southeast Alaska in prolific abundance. All year the mighty halibut is there for the harvest.

The cold waters of southeast Alaska also support crab, shrimp , rockfish, sable and cod. While the rivers and lakes team with trout. All in all an incredible but fragile Eco system.

I grew up on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State and remember as a young man that Washington’s waters were equally rich. I remember as a kid my dad catching and releasing 17 steelhead in one day. That doesn’t exist anymore in Washington waters but does in Alaska.

I’ve always thought Alaska had more to offer than catching fish, however it’s always been a part of our charters in Alaska. We’ve also tried to keep a reasonable balance between the wildlife and sightseeing of the region as well. It’s always been a thrill to watch our passengers catch a mighty King Salmon or Halibut or to pull up a crab pot laden with Dungeness crab. And it always been a thrill when somebody has hooked a huge Halibut and says,” John lets, let it go.” We try to instill some appreciation for the area to our passengers as well.

If you are interested in one of our Alaska Fishing Trips for salmon, halibut and crab. Or you’re interested in one of our Alaska Fishing Trips for catch and release Steelhead or fly fishing we can take you to the right places at the right times. If you want to catch and keep thousands of pounds of fish I’m probably not the right charter operator for you. I will do my best to make sure our passengers have the thrill of catching these fish as well as the opportunity to take a couple home if they desire. What we don’t need I try to ask our passengers to release.

I have a competitive advantage over my rivals, I’m an ex-commercial Alaska salmon troller, formerly owned and operated a charter fishing boat off the Washington coast and have had a fishing pole in my hands since I was a child and know how to catch fish. We have also been doing trips in S.E. Alaska since 1981. I know the area as well as anyone.

Below are a few pictures of proud fisherman with their catches. If you click on any of them they will enlarge for better detail.

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Our Alaska Cruise will provide memories that will last a lifetime. With our years of experience we will take you to the out of the way places few people ever see. Our Alaska Cruises are designed for all ages and abilities.