Why Choose us for your Alaska small ship Cruise?

The Classic Yacht Discovery is the perfect vessel for an Alaskan Adventure Cruise

We hope, if you are reviewing web sites in search of an Alaska Cruise by Small Ship, Yacht Charter or an Alaska Cruise Ship we hope you’ll consider the following: We see the fancy web sites and brochures from both the Alaska Large and Small Cruise Ships promising whales, bears, glaciers and more. We also see our competitors web sites saying they’ll deliver “Alaska up close and personal” and “Alaska Beyond Your Dreams.” So how do we convince you to travel with us?

Experience: Our experience in Alaska is unparallel in this industry. When we first started fishing in Alaska in the mid 70s we spent more time exploring than fishing. We were so enamored with the beauty of Alaska we could not help but cruise into every inlet and bay in our path. In 1981 when we started doing small boat cruises in Southeast Alaska we had almost the entire area to ourselves. The first few years were exploratory walking every stream and bay in our paths. There are probably very few places we have not explored in our almost 40 year history in Southeast, Alaska. We’ve tried to take those special places and incorporate them into our trips.

We Care: As a family business we have always lead these trips with our hearts. Putting our customers desires at the forefront of what we do and where we go. This has been a way of life and now Ben is trying to share it with his sons. Ben grew up from an early age in the service industry and unlike the youth today learned manners the old fashioned way. He is absolutely a first class host and has always put our customers first. He takes great pride in sharing Alaska with his guests. The majority of our clients over 70 percent are either repeat of referrals.

The Vessel Discovery: If you pay careful attention to the layout of these Small Ships or even most of the Yachts one thing should be apparent. Very few of them have a 360 degree panoramic view so how do you actually watch whales or wildlife on one of these vessels. Discovery was chosen specifically because she does have 360 degree deck access so no matter where a Whale or Sea Lion pops up you have an unencumbered view. On some of the yachts and Small Ships there is little or no access to even observe these animals other than a bridge deck stories off the water looking over someone’s shoulder. The layout of the Discovery makes her more of a comfortable home than a cramped vessel, with three salons as well as a covered fantail stern there is always a place to find some solitude.

Our trips come first: We make every effort to show you those special places in Alaska that few if any of our competitors can. From Fords Terror ( tide permitting ) to Anan and Pack Creek that offer unparallel bear viewing opportunities.

When it comes to areas like Pack Creek ( Stan Price State Wildlife Sanctuary ) there is a big difference. Before the implementation of Permits in 1985 we were there. Stan was one of our dearest friends and one of the great teachers I’ve ever had in my life. His last year at Pack Creek was 1989 and he asked us to take all his worldly possessions into Juneau on his last day at Pack Creek. On that day he asked me to go get a video camera so he could share some of his thoughts with me which we share with our passengers to this day. If you are going there why not go with someone that actually knows the history? It is the old Homestead of Stan & Edna Price who found an orphaned cub in 1942 and until Stan’s death in 1989 there were 82 bears born at Pack Creek that were direct descendants to that little female cub. Anan Creek another of our original haunts – when we first starting going to Anan creek we never saw another boat now it is one of the most popular wildlife viewing areas in Southeast, Alaska (but still Limited Entry). I believe there are only two of us that have permits for both Bear Observatories in Southeast.

The Classic Yacht Discovery: We have been very fortunate and have owned some of the great Classic Yachts in the world today. The Norden a 1929 Baltic Schooner, Sea Play a 1931 New York Launch – now called Linmar, Sobre Los Olas a 1929 Callas Fantail Motor Yacht built for J Paul Getty and now Discovery also a callas Fantail Motor Yacht built in 1931 with a famous past. I see several people in Alaska now referring to their classic yachts however there is a definition and distinction.

Since 2010 Ben has replaced the main engine in Discovery from and old Cat D 375 to a new modern low emissions John Deere. He has replaced the stem one of the main structural components of the vessel with a new hardwood stem. He has raised the wheelhouse and added a new forward salon and last season replaced the deck all major projects that have greatly enhanced not only the life of the vessel but the integrity. I often joke with him as I have with many people who have admired these beautiful old classics that all we are is a museum keeper. Discovery is without compromise and is an absolutely beautiful, comfortable vessel for these trips. From her beautiful forward and main salons, dinning salon , covered fantail deck to her unobstructed foredeck she is perfect for these trips and is in Bristol condition.

So for those select few people who really want to see and experience the best of Alaska, the grandeur of Alaska we do have the Best Alaska Small Ship Cruise for you. We will endeavor to make this the most memorable vacation experience of your lives. Most of our customers leave telling us this has been the best vacation experience of their lives.

We love Alaska, it’s beauty, it’s wildlife, it’s raw nature. We care deeply about the impact we have as tour operators on the fragile Eco system. The animals we observe we consider friends rather than objects, we are the uninvited guests, after all.

Imagine going into an area to observe bears carrying a high powered rifle, most tour operators do. If I was a bear I would avoid them. Our attitude towards these animals has allowed us many close encounters with these magnificent creatures. Imagine offering “bear viewing tours” in the summer and “bear hunting” in the fall. Some of our competitors do.

Most Alaska Small Ship Cruises and charter boats are in constant pursuit of the whales, who are constantly trying to take evasive action. We sit patiently in an area and allow the whales to pursue us. We try to avoid other boats and people whenever possible so that we can observe these animals without affecting or modifying their behavior.

We have a strict leave no trace policy that we feel is a fundamental part of our philosophy. This is after all one of the most incredible wilderness areas in the world. We really enjoy leading shore excursions and showing people sights you won’t be able to see with any of our competitors and enhancing your knowledge and appreciation of this magnificent wilderness area.

Our itinerary is kept purposely flexible in order to allow for the unexpected events that are often the highlights of traveling. Our days are spent watching whales, hiking , fishing, bear watching, kayaking, exploring , cruising and sightseeing this incredible area. We’ve found these trips to be full of a wide variety of opportunities and try to tailor them to the individual desires of our passengers. There is also ample time for you to relax, read, write, sketch or whatever.

We have a fully provisioned galley and our Gourmet Chef will serve anything you want from Prime Rib or New York Steaks to fresh Salmon and Halibut upon your request and desires in a setting not to be duplicated by any other vessel in Alaska. Please see our sample menu.

While there are many new arrivals in Alaska trying to duplicate our tours please keep in mind it’s taken us many years to perfect our trips. When we first starting doing these Alaska wildlife cruises we had the entire area to ourselves. Long before people stopped to watch Humpback whales group feeding or Brown Bears on Admiralty Island we were there. We know a lot about these animals, their feeding habits and their hiding places.

Also keep in mind this is “what” we do. We started before it was the “thing to do” And it’s something we believe we do better than anyone else.

I would hope that what you see and do on the trip is first and foremost. We will endeavor to make sure you see and experience all Alaska has to offer. What upsets me is I love Alaska and want people to see and experience everything Alaska has to offer. It is impossible to do so via large or even the so-called Alaska Small Cruise Ships. All I can say is in all sincerity we do the best trip in Southeast Alaska and have been doing these trips longer than any of our competitors.

Ask yourself why you want to go to Alaska? I really think we offer what most people think of when they ponder that question because we really do show you “Alaska up close and personal”. Rather than passing by the beautiful rain forests of Alaska we can actually walk through the magical rain forests and watch wildlife “up close and personal”.

We can give testimonial after testimonial we have hundreds of them. The truth is we have had passengers who have done 8 and 9 trips with us over the years. Many of our passengers have done multiple trips. We’ve even had several passengers do multiple trips in the same year. Here is what a few passengers have said:

“Hi Folks,
We just returned from our 50th anniversary Cruise to southeast Alaska.
It was the trip of a lifetime, absolutely no doubt, and we want to share it with you
You will find a photo and video website at http://www.seiberspace.com/Alaska/ – that violates all the prudent rules of conservative web design. But, we feel the content is worth it.
Bill & Sue Seibert”

“This Cruise far exceeded my expectations. The crew was excellent. The other passengers compatible and the food superb. The bears and whales far exceeded what I expected. To sum it up I would go again tomorrow if it were possible. A great Trip. John Harvey “

“Dear Crew, Thanks for an absolutely wonderful trip. The whales were awesome, the porpoise, sea lions & eagles were great; The bears were unbelievable. The food was awesome and so were the accommodations. The boat is beautiful. Happy Cruising. Corina”

“Dear John, What a great experience the trip was for us!! Aside from the wonderful lessons of bears, whales, land sea, northern lights, great people with great humor, we return again to discover how well we can get along without the news, TV et al. We’ve had some great experiences in Alaska and the wilderness but this tops them all. Lew & Pat”

“John, You are a kindred soul. Your sharing of feelings and knowledge of the world you love allow others to truly see Alaska for what she is. A place that puts a persons world and life into perspective. I know this to be true because it happened to me. Jeanne and I both agreed that this was the vacation we enjoyed the most and hopefully we will do it again, we just want to continue receiving the rewards that the “Discovery has to offer. Thanks and the best always, Glenn”

“To the Crew, Yes I can name you all, but to do so would seem to put you in order of importance. Each & everyone of you have made this trip a great experience. You all have your part that you handled. Thanks forever for an experience that I will not forget. The wildlife, the fishing, the food, the camaraderie will not be lost or forgotten. God Bless this boat and all of you. Peggy Sue & Will “

We hope that our passengers leave as long term friends rather than customers. We’ll be glad to provide any references you request I’d really rather you heard it from them, than from us. I’m sure we have had someone in your area who has done an Alaska small ship Cruise with us in the past. Please call or write and we’ll be more than happy to provide names and phone numbers. I’d rather you call them and ask their true opinions.

We’ve also had numerous articles written about our trips in Alaska. In Yachting Magazine, Sea Magazine, Anima, Chartering, the Sydney Morning Herald and by The Seattle Times syndicated author Jim Molnar who said, “In all the traveling I’ve done in all the trips I’ve taken, I don’t think any has affected me the way my trip down the 1000 miles of the inside passage did. I felt truly alive in the embrace of nature, felt that I was a part of it – that it wasn’t something outside of me, something for me to use, even something for me to protect the way I’d protect a valued possession. It’s never been harder, or seemed more wrong to come home.” Jim’s been with us 3 times and like all the authors paid for his trip with us so he could write an unbiased article. I see “simply the best”, “the Best charter in Alaska”; ‘best Alaska small ship Cruise ” written about our competitors. I don’t do “fam trips” free to writers or travel agents who promote or do articles and never have. Every article ever written about our Alaska Cruises was by a fully paid passenger who was free to write an unbiased article. All I can say is they haven’t done our small ship cruise as there would be no question about who does the best trip in Alaska.

Our wish is that everyone that comes to Alaska has the opportunity to see it up close and personal. We will do everything we can if you take an Alaska small ship Cruise with us to make sure your Vacation experience will be the trip of a lifetime.

Captain John Swanson

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Our Alaska Small Ship Cruises will provide memories that last a lifetime. With our years of experience we will take you to the out of the way places few people ever see. Our Alaska Cruises are designed for all ages and abilities.