Guided Bear Viewing tours in Alaska

Since 1981 we have offered Guided Bear Viewing Tours as part of our Alaska Cruises aboard the classic yacht Discovery. As one of southeast Alaska’s first Bear Viewing Guides and eco tour operators we offer Guided Alaska Bear Viewing Trips to both Anan Creek and Pack Creek Bear Observatories during our summer cruising schedule. As part of your cruise aboard the yacht Discovery you will have the opportunity to see magnificent bears in their natural habitat.


Alaska Bear Viewing at : Anan Creek Bear Observatory located in the Bradfield Canal of Southeast Alaska is home to both resident Grizzlies ( Ursus arctos) and Black Bears ( Ursus americanus ) it is one the few areas in North America where it is possible to see these animals together on the same stream, however short lived. Although this is primarily a Black Bear stream in the Spring and Fall it is fairly common to see both species together. The Black bear will give way to his cousin the Brown bear without hesitation. During the main salmon spawning run the Brown Bears move up stream and yield the lower portion of the stream to some 30 resident black bears. Other excellent viewing areas for Black bears include Prince of Wales Island and other mainland coastal streams in S.E. Alaska.. Best viewing May – September.


Brown, grizzlies and Kodiaks were once thought to be separate sub-species however it is generally agreed now that they are the same species. The Brown bear so named because he lives within 50 miles of the sea and usually supplements his diet with salmon is much larger than the inland grizzly. The Brown Bear is the largest land carnivore on earth. Although there is some dispute over his cousin the Polar Bear which spends the bulk of his life on ice flows.

Admiralty, Baranof and Chichagof Islands in Southeast Alaska are home to large populations of the Brown Bear. Admiralty Island is said to have the densest population on earth at almost one bear per square mile.

Alaska Bear Viewing at : Pack Creek Bear Observatory ( Stan Price Wildlife Sanctuary ) located on Admiralty Island is the other designated bear observatory in Southeast Alaska. The former residence of the late Stan Price. In 1945 Mr. Price found an orphan female cub on the beach and brought it to home to his cabin. He ended up raising the bear and in turn had a reported 82 ( until his death 1989 ) bears born at Pack Creek. He was one of my dearest friends and greatest teachers I’ve ever had.

Other Brown Bear viewing areas: Almost all remote wilderness bays with salmon streams on Admiralty Island ( densest population of Brown Bears in the world), Baranof and Chichagof Islands ( Northern Chichagof may even have a denser population of large Brown Bears than Admiralty ) all provide great Bear Viewing opportunities.

I’ve included a few pictures of these magnificent animals. Please click on the images to enlarge them.

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