Orca whales and Dall's Porpoise are a big highlight of any cruise in Alaska

Alaska Cruises from Seattle to Ketchikan

On our beautiful Inside Passage Cruises from Seattle to Ketchikan, Alaska we’ll follow the Route of the early explorers- As we cruise from Seattle to Alaska.

Humpback Whales are always one of the main Highlights of an Alaska Cruise

Alaska Cruises from Ketchikan to Juneau

Unlike many of the other vessels in Alaska our itinerary is kept purposely flexible in order to allow for the unexpected events that are often the highlights.

Brown Bears are a big highlight of any Alaska Cruise

Alaska Cruises from Juneau to Juneau

We’ll Cruise Tracy Arm to the base of North and South Sawyer Glaciers, where we’ll be enveloped by majestic fjords. Then, a journey across Chatham Strait View More


The Classic Yacht Discovery is the perfect vessel for an Alaskan Adventure Cruise

On our Alaska Cruises through the beautiful waters of Alaska’s Inside Passage

On our cruises through Alaska’s inside passage you’ll catch Salmon, Halibut and Crab, walk in magical rain forests, visit Sea Lion Rookeries, watch Brown Bears feeding on spawning Salmon, spend time with the graceful Humpback Whale, watch Eagles soar and glaciers calve and return home with a better understanding of the world we share.

Our Alaska Cruise will provide memories that will last a lifetime. With our years of experience we will take you to the out of the way places few people ever see. Our Alaska Cruises are designed..

Alaskan Cruise On Discovery

An Alaskan small ship Cruise on Discovery

Operating in Alaska since 1981. I truly believe we offer the foremost Adventure Travel Vacations and Nature Tours available in the world today. Imagine yourself immersed in nature on an elegant vessel with just 8-10 passengers versus a cruise ship with 1000s or even the so called small ship cruises with 40-80 passengers. There is a big difference. We try to show people what I envision when I think of “Alaska the last frontier”, wilderness, wildlife, nature and raw beauty. We try to find places of the beaten path so you can see the beauty of this remarkable wilderness area.

Do you think the cruise ships ever stop to watch whales? Never in all my years have I seen one do that, they are always on a set schedule from point A to point B. Even many of the smaller cruise ships have set schedules. It somewhat defeats the purpose.If we encounter a pod of Orca whales that is our new schedule. It is often those diversions that are the highlights of our trips.


Operating in Alaska since 1981 we have permits to many wilderness locations issued by the US Forest Service

All Aboard Yacht Charters operates small ship cruises and private yacht charters in Southeast Alaska under special use permits issued by the US Forest Service and the Tongass National Forest.

All Aboard Yacht Charters is an Equal Opportunity Provider.

Our Alaska Small Ship Cruises will provide memories that last a lifetime. With our years of experience we will take you to the out of the way places few people ever see. Our Alaska Cruises are designed for all ages and abilities.