Alaska Inside Passage Cruise Tours on the small cruise ship Discovery. Whales, Bears Glaciers, Eagles and more. The Real Alaska up close and personal

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          On our Alaska Cruises through the beautiful waters of Alaska's Inside Passage

On our cruises through Alaska's inside passage you'll catch Salmon, Halibut and Crab, walk in magical rain forests, visit Sea Lion Rookeries, watch Brown Bears feeding on spawning Salmon, spend time with the graceful Humpback Whale, watch Eagles soar and glaciers calve and return home with a better understanding of the world we share.

Our Alaska Cruise will provide memories that will last a lifetime. With our years of experience we will take you to the out of the way places few people ever see. Our Alaska Cruises are designed for all ages and abilities and for those people who would really like to experience "Alaska up close and personal".

 Cruising the Alaska Inside Passage on the Classic Yacht Discovery
alaska beyond your dreams

The 87' Classic Yacht M. V. Discovery

the elegance of a bygone year....

Alaska inside passage cruise

An Alaskan small ship Cruise on Discovery

Operating in Alaska since 1981. I truly believe we offer the foremost Adventure Travel Vacations and Nature Tours available in the world today. Imagine yourself immersed in nature on an elegant vessel with just 8-10 passengers versus a cruise ship with 1000s or even the so called small ship cruises with 40-80 passengers. There is a big difference. We try to show people what I envision when I think of "Alaska the last frontier", wilderness, wildlife, nature and raw beauty.  We try to find places of the beaten path so you can see the beauty of this remarkable wilderness area.

Do you think the cruise ships ever stop to watch whales? Never in all my years have I seen one do that, they are always on a set schedule from point A to point B. Even many of the smaller cruise ships have set schedules. It somewhat defeats the purpose. If we encounter a pod of Orca whales that is our new schedule. It is often those diversions that are the highlights of our trips. We also have frequent encounters with Dall's and Harbor Porpoise, Black Bear, Sea Otters, Harbor Seals, Sitka Black Tail Deer and a large variety of birds and ducks.

We offer a very intimate way to experience this incredible area. While the oversized Alaska Cruise Ships make the tourist shops of Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka their focal points, we make the Brown Bear, Humpback Whale, the Stellar Sea Lion and the small quaint board walk towns like Tenakee Springs our focus.

Instead of watching nature films in a theater you'll be watching the real thing right before your eyes, while cruising in the luxury and comfort of one of the finest classic yachts in the world today.

We will also travel through Tracy or Endicott Arm one of the world's most incredible fjords, both arms have Tidewater Glaciers and icebergs galore. John  Muir said of the arms "shut in by sublime Yosemite cliffs, nobly sculptured, and adorned with waterfalls and fringes of trees, bushes, and patches of flowers, but amid so crowded a display of novel beauty it was not easy to concentrate the attention long enough on any portion of it without giving more days and years than our lives can afford." I believe both of these fjords to be way more spectacular than any fjord in Glacier Bay.

On our Alaska Cruise we'll see Eagles and wildlife galore We serve gourmet meals and accommodate any dietary restrictions on all our cruises We see Breaching Whales on all our Alaska Cruises Humpback whales and Orca whales are a main focus of the alaska travel cruises we offer
Alaska Guided Bear viewing tours are included on all of our cruises in Alaska We see cooperative feeding humpback whales on our Alaska Yacht Charter see Brown Bears feeding on spawning salmon on our small ship alaska Inside passage Cruises we will see lunge feeding humpback whales on our alaskan tours
Our focus is Whales, Bears, Glaciers, Fishing and scenery on all our Alaska vacation cruises Our alaskan adventure Cruise is the perfect family vacation On our Alaska Yacht Charters we'll see Glaciers and beautiful scenery We'll stop and see sea lion rookeries on our alaskan Cruise

Our Long time crew member Susi is putting up a new website at that shows the boat in more detail while the new website is not entirely complete it gives an honest assessment of the boat and our trips. If you get a chance is it well worth while, Thank you.

 Below are videos and photo albums from former passengers. I think they give a fair perspective of what you can expect to see an experience on one of our cruises.

The Pictures above were all taken on one of our trips. To see just an example of what we see on a typical cruise please visit . You can see what one of our passengers had to say about us and he also does a nice walkthrough of the boat etc.

A Nice video done last summer by one of our passengers:

Another awesome video provided by one of our customers last year

What our customers say about us:

"Captain Ben, Thank you for sharing your beloved Alaska with us. It's been a once in a lifetime, over the top experience. From the spot on fishing, crab and shrimp sites to hidden coves, majestic waterfalls and icebergs, to finding whales, porpoises, bears, sea lions, and even goats! - We thank you! What makes this trip special and unique, Ben, is you. The love you have for this incredible place is evident in every choice you make as Captain. We are thankful that we got to see it all through your eyes." Kay, Megan & George - May 2014

"Dear Captain John, We can't begin to thank you enough for our amazing cruise with you on "Discovery". Although we know you have been on dozens of trips with hundreds of passengers, you can be certain no group ever anticipated or enjoyed the trip more than we did. You gave us all a treasured gift." Randy & Kristi "

" Dear Friends, As I sit here on the deck on our last morning in Alaska, words cannot describe our feelings of awe at this wonderful land. All of you have contributed to our increased understanding of this wonderful land. Never again will I be able to look at a characterization of a growling brown bear and not rebel. Thank you so much for taking us to the diverse habitats of all the wonderful animals of Alaska on land and on sea. We will remember all of you and your diverse personalities. You are all so much a part of the trip. Captain John, we can't thank you enough. You are the heart of the experience and we love you for it all. Love Susan & Tom"

" Dear John, I've been meaning to write to thank you for the wonderful time we had with you on the Discovery, but I haven't been able to figure out how to thank someone for such a special trip. I don't think there are words to express the effects that adventure had on us, but it certainly changed our perspective. Now when those day to day annoyances pop up, we simply reach into our memory and pull out one of those huge number of precious moments from our trip. It helps us to remember what God meant life to be like, and we're very grateful to have been able to experience that, thanks to you and your crew. Love Terry & Shirley "

"Dear Captain John Sir, I've been back at home for over two weeks, and I still can't come up with anything better than THANK YOU for one of my most AMAZING weeks ever!!!!! I've been having a really hard time trying to get everyone to understand just how truly amazing it all was. You & your crew are really over the top - Brian's "out of this world" meals, Susi's Super desserts & her thoughtful accompaniment on my kayak adventure & Ted for the too numerous to mention things he does & for "just being Ted!" When Lionel & I talked about "A Trip to Alaska", we didn't have anything specific in mind at the time ; and although it took me an additional 10 years to get there, I'm SO VERY GLAD that I discovered "This Trip". You, Captain John Sir, are a truly Amazing & Gifted man - the perfect person to be doing what you do. I am so glad to have had you in my life, even so briefly. This trip will remain in my mind & in my heart for the rest of my life. Blessings to you, your family & your crew.....May all beings be free from suffering..........May all beings find peace..........Shanti..........Shanti.........Shanti..........Pat"

"Hi John, I wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for the very best trip that Barb and I have ever been on. I know you don't need any more testimonials (with your trips filling up faster than you can run them), but I do want you to at least know that we could not have imagined a better experience. So often when you look forward to something for a long time you come back disappointed - exactly the opposite this time! I will send you a share of my snapfish photos in case you would like to look at them. Thank you very much, Frank & Barb"

"Dear John, Jerry and I wanted to tell you what a wonderful trip we had with your son, Ben and the crew aboard the Discovery. Ben is an amazing you man and we know you and your wife must be very proud of him. He has a wonderful way with people and he made this adventure perhaps the best we have ever had. His skills are amazing and his knowledge of the wilderness is extensive. His crew helped make the trip both exciting and full of laughter. We will never forget the beauty of Alaska. It is truly "God's Country". We feel so privileged that we were able to take an adventure like this at our age and would recommend it for anyone who is fit and ready for fun on a small boat. Thank your talented son for us. Love Lynn and Jerry Conwell. "

All Aboard Yacht Charters operates in Alaska under special use and limited entry permits issued by the US Forest Service and Tongass National Forest. All Aboard Yacht Charters is an equal opportunity provider.

For more Information about our Alaska Cruise Tours and Adventure Travel Vacations or if you'd like a brochure on our Alaska Cruises or references please contact:

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